What is the VoLANGteer project?

This is a pilot project to teach the Galician and the Frisian languages to foreigners from the accompanying voluntary. It is hoped it will serve as an example of good practices which can be developed for language learning in other places.

The aim of this project is to promote the learning and use of minority languages of several states of the European Union, so that those who come from other countries can know and use it in their normality daily lives.

The main recipients are young people from abroad on an Erasmus scholarship, although those who do not know Galician or Frisian and spend a long period of time in our country may also benefit from the advantages of this way of learning.

The learning dynamic is to pair people off for 20 weeks in sessions of two hours, bringing together volunteers whose mother tongue is Galician or Frisian with other foreign volunteers who are interested in learning the Galician and Frisian language through conversation and knowledge of both cultures.

At the mentioned meetings, the pair will chat about various topics (culture, sport, social affairs etc.), as well as taking part in activities such as going to the theatre, sporting events, cultural visits, a gastronomic fair and so on. The aim will be to use informal learning that fosters interest in languages and their learning, making integration and the exchange of experiences, knowledge and values that much easier.